``The Future is Entrusted to Little Hearts``

An ingenious program

Install it on your child's computer. Let them start learning all the subjects you want to give as basic education. You just follow, encourage, reward.

Diyanet İşleri Başkanlığından

Approved and Recommended

The content of Alim Çocuk was examined by the Presidency of Religious Affairs and recommended for its use.

Rich Content

Kids Will Love This Program

Children do not get bored while learning both basic religious education and religious culture. Because the entire program is audio and visual. Ablution and prayer parts are explained with 3D animations.

A little game

There are 30 interesting brain teaser games in the program. They will both have fun and learn while playing many games from Maze to Puzzle, from Quiz to Cat-Mouse and such.

Watch Promotional Videos

İçeriğinin ne kadar zengin olduğunu görmek için hazırlanan videoları izleyin. Çocuğunuz için en doğru kararı vermenizde yardımcı olacaktır.

Content of the Program